Richard Cohen, Worst Columnist Alive, Asks Where 'Real Men' of UVA Are

Richard Cohen, the Washington Post opinion writer who can usually be counted on to take the dumbest, most odious possible stance on any issue, is, thank God, against gang rape. This is mildly surprising, considering that his previous greatest hits include arguing that New York mayor Bill de Blasio's interracial family »11/25/14 10:30am11/25/14 10:30am


Real-Life Furbys Rediscovered • Survey Says Aussie Guys Are 'Wimps'

• Scientists announced today that they have rediscovered the rare pygmy tarsier »11/18/08 5:30pm11/18/08 5:30pm, which looks like a real-life Furby, in Indonesia this summer. • The chief executive of Refuge, a domestic violence charity based in the UK, says she can a male abuser at parties because he usually likes to be the center of attention and…