Dove Gives Curly-Haired Girls a Reason to Live in New Campaign

Dove is #ChangingLives yet again with another campaign, this time aimed at would-be keratin addicts. Based on another Sad Study released by Dove that Dove is going to fix with Products, the "Love Your Curls" commercial somberly notes: » 1/20/15 6:20pm 1/20/15 6:20pm

Dove Ignores Petition Asking It to Label Photoshopped Ads

A new petition seeks to make Dove, the company behind the "Real Beauty" campaign, more accountable for labeling manipulated images in advertising but the company's not having it. » 8/08/14 1:00pm 8/08/14 1:00pm

Go Ahead and Love Your Body -- if You're 'Feminine' Enough, That Is

Earlier this week, a Sun editor posted a call for "real women" willing to rate their own naked bodies and be judged by a panel of men for a feel-good piece on "how we're overly negative on ourselves" but "needn't be." Judging by the finished product — entitled "Do Men Like You Naked?" — you needn't hate yourself if… » 5/16/13 1:20pm 5/16/13 1:20pm

Here's Why 'Real Beauty' Advertising Campaigns Are Garbage

British tabloid The Sun wants women to realize how beautiful they truly are by posing for the paper in a thong so they can rate their own naked bodies — and be judged by a panel of men, natch — for a piece on how we ladies are "overly negative on ourselves" but "needn't be." Gee, wonder why that is! » 5/13/13 2:30pm 5/13/13 2:30pm

Lady Gaga May Not Have A Penis, But She Makes An Attractive Man

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