Wardrobe-Gate Updates, Actual Important Stuff Compete For Eyeballs

  • Were you — like Glamour editor Cindi Leive wondering how Sarah Palin managed to spend so much money on her wardrobe? By the way, the suit she wore at the debate was Tahari, one of my favorite affordable suit makers. [New York Times]
  • Well, it turns out that she might not have really ended up with all $150,000 of it, as…
  • »10/23/08 6:30pm10/23/08 6:30pm

John McCain Plans To Win The "Real" America After You Godless Commies Are Locked Up

  • McCain and his staff have smartly given up trying to win an electoral mandate and are pursuing a "narrow-victory strategy." What that means is that they have no intention of doing anything other than personally attacking Obama for the next 18 days in order to freak people out that they can squeak out an Electoral…
  • »10/17/08 6:40pm10/17/08 6:40pm