Hangover 2 Trailer Indicates Forthcoming Crap

There is something almost admirable about the cravenness with which the makers of the Hangover 2 have ripped off the original. Seriously, listen to the preview without watching, and besides a reference to a monastery (yes) you'd literally think it was 2009. As one dude says, "I can't believe this is happening again!"… » 4/01/11 1:16pm 4/01/11 1:16pm

Oxygen Gets ANTM Reruns • Cat-Killer Case Results In Hung Jury

• Oxygen has bought » 9/26/08 5:30pm 9/26/08 5:30pm the off-network rerun rights to the full library of , including current and future cycles. Episodes begin airing in January. • In South Africa, the under the age of 16 has caused progressives to clash with tribal rituals which are supported by Zulus (including Jacob Zuma), who view the testing as…