Indian Government’s Rape Prevention ‘Wristwatch’ Is Kinda, Sorta a Step in the Right Direction

The Indian government needed an answer for the country's sexual assault problem, so it turned to the miracle of modern global positioning technology with the development of a wrist watch equipped with GPS and a distress button. When activated, the watch would send texts to the wearer's family and friend, and also… »2/24/13 2:00pm2/24/13 2:00pm


Swaziland Issues a Collective Ban on Penis Tempting Mini-Skirts and Midriffs

As part of its ongoing effort to prevent rape and possibly reduce the country's distressingly high rate of HIV/AIDS infection, police in Swaziland have announced that they will aggressively investigate sex crimes and make sure that would-be rapists know that they will be severely punished for their transgressions.… »12/24/12 10:00am12/24/12 10:00am

Republicans Complain Rape Prevention Program is Too Luxurious

House Republicans are balking at reforms that aim to make living conditions at detention centers for undocumented immigrants less hellish, claiming in a hearing on Wednesday that the detention center rape prevention efforts were actually rewarding undocumented women by sending them on a cushy taxpayer-funded holiday.… »3/29/12 3:20pm3/29/12 3:20pm

Rape Prevention Effort Refreshingly Manages To Avoid Victim Blaming

Too often, well-meaning campaigns to prevent sexual assault end up putting the onus of rape prevention on the victims— don't wear sexy clothes, don't walk in bad neighborhoods, don't drink too much, don't get raped. But in the UK, authorities are taking a novel approach to preventing sexual assault this holiday… »12/16/11 12:05pm12/16/11 12:05pm