Miss USA Officials Publish "Sexy" Photos • Sunday School Teacher Pleads Guilty For First-Degree Murder

Unlike Miss America, Donald Trump's Miss USA pageants are pretty honest about what they're looking for: conventionally attractive young women with a talent for walking in heels. However, the newest addition to the Miss USA website has caused some controversy. » 5/10/10 5:40pm 5/10/10 5:40pm

"They Said If My Parents Didn't Give Them Money They Would Rape Me"

It was difficult to decide what to clip from last night's television premiere of the film The Greatest Silence, which documents the years-long epidemic of rape in the Congo. There were the dozens of adult victims...the rapists themselves...and of course, filmmaker Lisa F. Jackson, who, according to at least one female… » 4/09/08 12:00pm 4/09/08 12:00pm