"Rape By Deception" Case Gets Even Worse

You'll recall the "rape by deception" case, in which a court convicted a Palestinian man, based on the fact that, had the woman known he was not Jewish, she would not have slept with him. Well, the plot thickens. » 9/07/10 1:47pm 9/07/10 1:47pm

As If The Palestinian Faux-Jew Rape Case Needed To Get More Complicated

New information about Sabbar Kashur, the 30-year-old Palestinian convicted of "rape-by-deception" following consensual sex with a woman who thought he was Jewish, Kashur, in fact married with two children, has been under house arrest since the 2008 incident. » 7/22/10 2:23pm 7/22/10 2:23pm

Palestinian Man Is Convicted Of Rape After Lying About Being A Jew

A Jerusalem court's decision to jail 30-year-old Sabbar Kashur for 18 months has made legal history — and is causing a furor across Israel. » 7/21/10 11:32am 7/21/10 11:32am