Anne Hathaway Les Mis Spoof Begs Academy Members to Not Forget Her…

Anne Hathaway wants that Oscar bad, and she will no doubt get it. Her performance is being lauded by many and yet, her faux "who me?!" every time her name is called at an award show is pretty silly. Girl, you know you got this, so just go get it. » 1/31/13 10:15pm 1/31/13 10:15pm

Newsweek Writer To Visit Glee Set

Glee creator Ryan Murphy says Newsweek's Ramin Setoodeh has accepted his invitation to discuss Murphy's issues with his piece and witness "how we construct a TV show dedicated exclusively to the idea of inclusiveness and acceptance for all." [EW, Earlier] » 5/14/10 9:20am 5/14/10 9:20am