Racism Will Get You Hacked, But Sexism Will Make You Money

Jonathan Alcox is the owner of RepublicanMarket.com and Democrat Mall, where he sells political paraphernalia because he's a free-market capitalist, see, and not an ideologue. He is also, he says, not a racist despite being the genius behind the "If Obama is President... will we still call it the White House?" pins we… » 6/19/08 5:40pm 6/19/08 5:40pm

What Patriotism Isn't

Last week, I charged journalists with taking pictures of Republican National Convention attendees in possession of an ObamaMonkey or Obama-Curious George T-shirt. Today, I have an addition. I want pictures of people wearing these pins, which were sold at the Texas Republican convention last weekend, so they shouldn't… » 6/17/08 4:40pm 6/17/08 4:40pm