First Black Disney Princess Endorses Delicious Watermelon Candy, Stereotypes

Two and a half years ago, Disney released The Princess and the Frog, its first animated feature starring a black princess. Since then, the studio has put Tiana to work shilling everything from tiny baby versions of the dress she wore in the film to bubble bath to temporary tattoos. And now, she's selling candy.… »3/05/12 11:20am3/05/12 11:20am


The New Yorker On Obama: When Satire Isn't Satirical

At left, the cover of this week's New Yorker, which features writer Ryan Lizza's take on Barack Obama's early years in Chicago, an article that is somehow totally related to this supposedly satirical illustration portraying Michelle and Barack as Muslim/Black Power extremists who worship Osama bin Laden and burn… »7/14/08 10:00am7/14/08 10:00am

Ad Man Donny Deutsch & Comedienne Nancy Giles Weigh In On Controversial Vogue Cover

This morning, advertising expert Donny Deutsch and actress and writer Nancy Giles sat down with Ann Curry on the Today show to talk about the Lebron James Vogue cover. Deutsch had no problem with the image, because he's a "dumb white guy" and a sports fan — Vogue's very demographic! Nancy Giles was more measured and… »3/26/08 11:00am3/26/08 11:00am