One Way Taxis Still Beat Uber: When You Want to Fuck in the Car

There are moments when your desire to do the dirty overtake your desire to do so in a private environment. And if you're like enviable New York hipster journalist Rachel Rabbit White, you'll do it in a cab, on a slab, in the park or in the dark. But you won't do it in an Uber. Because they suck for spur of the moment… »3/05/15 4:00pm3/05/15 4:00pm


Woman Wants to Have Sex With Animals; Redditors Strangely Okay With This

This week on Reddit's IAMA ("I am a __") section — a place for people who decide it might be fun to throw themselves to a pit of internet commenters — a woman came out as a lady-who-is-attracted-to-animals. She writes: "I am a female, and find myself sexually attracted to animals." The woman describes herself… »4/04/12 5:15pm4/04/12 5:15pm