Madonna Might — We Said Might — Be Getting Really Expensive Necklace For Her Birthday

  • "Rumor has it" that Madonna-maybe-estranged-hubby Guy Ritchie is gifting the material 50-year-old with "a specially designed, bespoke diamond necklace from Bulgari worth, £250,000" for her Golden tomorrow. [ElleUK]
  • Apparently Diddy's "I Am King" campaign will involve Bond-like shots of him in a dinner jacket hanging…
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Hayden Panettiere's Dad Busted For Battering Her Mom

  • Hayden Panettiere's father, Alan, has been arrested for allegedly beating his wife. He allegedly struck Lesley Panettiere in the face this morning at 3 am. If it's true, the man is no hero. Maybe that's why Hayden wants to shack up with her older boyfriend? [TMZ]
  • Britney Spears filmed a promo for the MTV Video Music…
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Harlow Madden Has A "Big, Pasty Head"; Britney's "Ass Is Growing A Beard"

Welcome back to Missdemeanors! This is where we issue virtual wrist-slaps to popular gossip bloggers for Crimes Against Womanity. This week, Christie Brinkely wasn't satisfying her husband; Sienna Miller has three holes; Harlow Madden looks "unfortunate"; Rachel Hunter looks like a "Lesbian Lumberjack Circus Clown"… »7/03/08 5:00pm7/03/08 5:00pm

"WHEN THE HELL DID 39-YEAR-OLD WOMEN GET TO BE SO SEXY SEE PG. 116" promises the April iss

"WHEN THE HELL DID 39-YEAR-OLD WOMEN GET TO BE SO SEXY SEE PG. 116" promises the April issue of Esquire. And hey, look, Rachel Hunter, she does look good. But as so often happens with Esquire and its attempts to make beautiful women seem also classy and intelligent and deep and wise, they give Hunter the customary… »3/06/08 5:20pm3/06/08 5:20pm

Screw Soccer! David Beckham's Time Spent Sitting Around In Boxer Briefs Pays Off

  • David Beckham has a new endorsement deal: Armani underwear in the United States! And you were afraid he and Posh might go broke... [Vogue UK]
  • Erin Fetherston for Target: Sorta secretly sorta available for purchase online. [Fashionista]
  • Karl Lagerfeld: "I am a popular figure for Halloween. Last year friends of mine…
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