Attention, Kanye: Kim Kardashian Would Like a $1 Million 'Push Present'

Kim Kardashian has been quite vocal about how she loathes being pregnant, so it’s not surprising she’d request a huge reward for enduring months of agony while carrying her and Kanye West’s spawn. Her second child with West is due around Christmas, so the reality star has announced the one item on her push present… »11/21/15 4:00pm11/21/15 4:00pm


Would "Push Presents" Be So Obnoxious If They Weren't Called "Push Presents"?

You know how sometimes, a man will give his wife a nice piece of jewelry or whatevs when she gives birth to a baby, just to be like, "Hey, sweetie, I know you feel a million kinds of gross right now and can barely focus on something as inanimate and utterly pointless — not to mention earlobe-depleting! — as earrings,… »12/06/07 2:00pm12/06/07 2:00pm

Panic-Stricken Kim Basinger's Maybe Not-So-Healthy Heart

  • A recent study suggests that women who suffer from panic/anxiety attacks [That would be me! -Ed.] have a higher chance of suffering a heart attack or stroke later in life. [USA Today]
  • Can consensual sex become rape midway during the act? A Maryland court is trying to determine that in the case of a 18-year old woman…
  • »10/03/07 5:30pm10/03/07 5:30pm