The Purity Bear is Back to Give You Valentine's Day Blue Balls

This Valentine's Day, the hymen enthusiasts behind Day of Purity want to remind you that if you have premarital sex, you will get diseases, get depressed, and most importantly of all, seriously disappoint a talking plush bear that for some reason cannot move its mouth when it talks. » 2/14/12 7:40pm 2/14/12 7:40pm

Revenge of the Purity Bear

Two weeks ago, we were all introduced to the Purity Bear via a creepy video that looked like the last-minute submission to a misguided high school film course assignment. Well, according to the makers of this helpful little creature, the Purity Bear has been a rousing success because it has attracted more than a… » 1/29/12 2:15pm 1/29/12 2:15pm