24-Year-Old Sara Ganim Wins Pulitzer Prize for Exposing Penn State Scandal

Earlier last month, we wondered why we hadn't heard more about Sara Ganim, the 24-year-old reporter who broke the Penn State sex abuse scandal involving assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky and his Second Mile charity — definitely one of the biggest stories of 2011 — when she was barely out of undergrad. Since… »4/16/12 5:15pm4/16/12 5:15pm


You Know, Cindy, He Might Have Been More Tactful But John Sorta Has A Point About The Tranny Makeup

  • John McCain called his wife a "cunt" sixteen years ago. The full quote, in response to Cindy's "playful" mention of his male pattern baldness, was: "At least I don't plaster on makeup like a trollop, you cunt." I have to give him bonus points for using the word "trollop" and also, calling her out on what looks to be…
  • »4/07/08 6:30pm4/07/08 6:30pm