Rich People Are Snobby for Scientific Reasons

A new psychological study suggests that wealthier people aren't able to pick up on other people's emotions like us poor folks can because they don't depend on relationships as much. So maybe we need to cut snooty richfolk some slack. » 11/27/10 2:10pm 11/27/10 2:10pm

Angry Women In The Workplace Seen As "Less Competent" Than Men

Yale psychologist Victoria Brescoll has confirmed what has long been the suspicion of many women: you cannot afford to get angry at the office if you own a vagina. According to science news site EurekAlert, Brescoll's study, published in the March issue of Psychological Science, showed that "People accept and even… » 4/03/08 9:30am 4/03/08 9:30am