Love Not Hate: Proposition 8 Protest Pictures From Readers Across The Country

Yesterday, we asked our readers to send in their photos from the various anti-Proposition 8 rallies that were taking place throughout the United States. The response was overwhelming; Jezebels from California to Ohio to Boston to New York City sent in their pictures, documenting a day spent fighting for love and… »11/16/08 3:00pm11/16/08 3:00pm

Anti-Prop 8 Update: Pictures From Today's Rallies

We've been getting reports from Jezebels across the country who participated in today's nationwide protest »11/15/08 5:45pm11/15/08 5:45pm of Proposition 8, including commenters SisterMaryMartha and Meg, who sent in these pictures from a local rally they attended in Philadelphia. If you have any photos from a protest in your area, feel free to send…