Ad Campaign Gives Streetwalkers Cash

After a stunt in which homeless were paid to carry signs which read, "Should panhandling be legal?," a Toronto talk radio station paid hookers to carry signs which read, "Should prostitution be legal?" Hilarious? [AdRants] » 1/21/09 12:20pm 1/21/09 12:20pm

John Edwards, Ted Stevens And Everyone Else Are Hypocrites

If the National Enquirer » 7/30/08 11:00am 7/30/08 11:00am weren't relentless hyping its as-yet pictureless story about John Edwards' baby, we could just spend the whole morning talking about Republican hypocrisy, the new poster child for which is Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens. Good old Interwebs Ted was indicted on corruption charges, so we talk about…