Depo-Provera Found to Double Risk of Breast Cancer (But Don't Flip Out…

Depo-Provera, the injectable contraceptive that's used by roughly 1.2 million women in the U.S., is incredibly convenient, effective, and relatively affordable. But according to a new study, it has a very scary side effect: doubling your risk of breast cancer. But before you freak out because it's coursing (or has… » 4/06/12 10:40am 4/06/12 10:40am

Study: Post-Menopausal Hormones Up Breast Cancer Death Risk

A new study says taking combined estrogen and progestin to combat menopausal symptoms ups not just women's risk of breast cancer, but their risk of dying from it. But some doctors think new, lower-dose therapies may be safer. » 10/20/10 1:20pm 10/20/10 1:20pm