Meet Elisabeth Hasselbeck's Mother-In-Law, Betsy: Shocker! She Believes In Jesus!

We had heard that Elisabeth Hasselbeck wasn't an insane Republican Jesus freak before she married into the Hasselbeck clan. We were skeptical, because she seems too scary to have just picked up these habits within the past decade, but after reading the profile today's Boston Globeon EH's mother-in-law, Betsy Hasselbeck »11/08/07 3:00pm11/08/07 3:00pm

Gorgeous, Star-Fucking Hillary Clinton Aide Buys Fake Handbag, And Other Stuff 'Vogue' Left Out

"It took a certain courage for Vanessa Redgrave, Huma Abedin, Robin Brooks and Lisa Randall — among our other age exemplars and serious women all — to admit to the pleasure that fashion brings them," wrote Anna Wintour in the Vogue editor's letter we can't stop vomiting about. Anyway, uh, who's Huma? She's an… »7/24/07 2:52pm7/24/07 2:52pm