Diablo Cody’s New Show Puts Female Protagonist Front and Center

Diablo Cody will be taking her talent of creating complex female protagonists to television — Fox, the surprising new home for relatively smart network TV, has put into production a series called Prodigy, written by Cody and produced Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage’s (that's The O.C. producers Josh Schwartz and… » 10/05/13 5:30pm 10/05/13 5:30pm

Visual Proof That Girls Can Kick Ass At Bass

If you're feeling great because you just figured out how to pick out the opening bars of "Stairway To Heaven," don't watch this video: 11-year-old bass guitar prodigy Mohini Dey will put you to shame. » 3/26/10 11:40am 3/26/10 11:40am