Lonely Hipster Uses Robot to Seduce Women on OKCupid

It's a tale as old as time: Boy signs up for OkCupid. Boy decides that girls are just there to find someone not to be lonely with. Boy gets disillusioned. Boy messes with girls on a dating website as a poignant project showing off the deep loneliness inherent to online dating. Boy creates Tumblr. Everyone thinks it is… »8/14/14 6:30pm8/14/14 6:30pm

Sanitary Pads Are A Real Life-Saver For Girls In Somalia

The news out of Somalia is so often bad, which makes it extra nice to hear the heartwarming story of how a project there is using sanitary pads to change lives. In an area of Somalia where there are many settlements for internally displaced people, a wonderful-sounding program has found a way to provide girls with… »11/06/11 1:05pm11/06/11 1:05pm