Private Practice's Rape Episode Brings In Big Ratings, Mixed Emotions

Private Practice's rape episode was a ratings success: up 44 percent, the best since January. One blogger called it, perhaps hyperbolically, "likely the most realistic depiction of rape in media history." So was it awareness-raising or sexual assault as entertainment? » 11/05/10 4:51pm 11/05/10 4:51pm

Dr. Burke Checks Out Of Seattle Grace; We Check In

Isaiah Washington, who plays the dreamier — and moodier — than McDreamy Dr. Preston Burke, got booted from Grey's Anatomy at last, making Burke the third major character who won't be returning to Seattle Grace come fall. (Dr. Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh) has her lusty spin-off Private Practice, and it's been… » 6/08/07 3:05pm 6/08/07 3:05pm