BS Defamation Case Against the Steubenville Blogger Is Dismissed

Alexandria Goddard, the blogger who brought the Steubenville rape case to light by refusing to let the issue go on, isn't very popular in the small football-obsessed town — one high school football player, Cody Saltsman, actually tried to sue her and some commenters on her website for defamation. »12/28/12 5:50pm12/28/12 5:50pm


We Wouldn't Know About the Steubenville Rape Case If It Wasn't for the Blogger Who 'Complicated' Things

The New York Times has a lengthy piece today on a rape case in Steubenville, Ohio, which the paper has deemed particularly notable because it is "a sexual assault accusation in the age of social media, when teenagers are capturing much of their lives on their camera phones ... and then posting it on the Web, like a… »12/17/12 3:00pm12/17/12 3:00pm