Here's How to Score Copay-Free Birth Control, Coming This Week to a Pharmacy Near You

On August 1st, an important provision of the Affordable Care Act kicks in that many women will welcome with open arms, or, uh, legs — something the government is calling Affordable Access to Preventative Care, but that you can think of as No Copay Day, the magical day when you no longer have to pay for birth control… »7/30/12 2:10pm7/30/12 2:10pm


Catholic Bishops Want Every Business Including Taco Bell to Be Free to Deny Birth Control Coverage

Hey, look who it is poking its funny hats into the birth control debate! It's the Catholic Church again, and they're here tell the government that God wants every business owner to have the right to deny their female employees coverage for birth control. Even Taco Bell. Especially Taco Bell. »2/09/12 7:00pm2/09/12 7:00pm

Soon, Your Employer Will Be Required to Fully Cover Your Birth Control

Today, Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius announced that the Obama administration will soon require every employer-sponsored insurance plan to fully cover the cost of birth control. Additionally, the tiny loophole that allows some religious-based employers to be exempt from the requirement won't… »1/20/12 4:40pm1/20/12 4:40pm