Don't Bother Trying to Wife Your Way Out of Poverty

The Bush administration, those geniuses who brought us great ideas like a long, expensive war against a country that didn't have weapons of mass destruction and flying over Hurricane Katrina en route home from a vacay, had another Brains Turned Up to 11 idea that it now seems didn't work: a multimillion dollar federal… »6/25/12 11:30am6/25/12 11:30am

Inventor Of The Omni-Orange Terror Alert System To Be McCain's VP?

  • John McCain is in the midst of a two-day sweep through Pennsylvania with former governor Tom Ridge, who was the first-ever Secretary of Homeland Security, igniting speculation that he'll be McCain's choice for the Veep slot. You might as well just take your shoes off now and leave them off until 2012. [CNN, CNN]
  • »8/11/08 6:40pm8/11/08 6:40pm

"Excuse Me For A Second," But, Helen Thomas Is An American Patriot

We're pretty excited about the upcoming HBO documentary Thank You Mr. President: Helen Thomas At The White House, which profiles journalist veteran Helen Thomas, who has been covering the White House since the Kennedy Administration. This evening, Chris Matthews got a sneak peek at the film, which premieres on August… »7/25/08 6:30pm7/25/08 6:30pm

America's Amazing Baby Boom Has Nothing To Do With A-List Actresses

Unlike European nations, which are experiencing a population decline, the United States is virtually exploding with infants, reports the Associated Press. There were nearly 4.3 million births in 2006, and experts believe that there are several reasons for this mini-boom: "A decline in contraceptive use, a drop in… »1/16/08 9:30am1/16/08 9:30am

Christina Aguilera To Bring "Dirrty", "Beautiful" Babe Into The World

  • Christina Aguilera is in the family way! Just like with a genie in a bottle, her husband rubbed her the right way. The baby-making way. [E!]
  • Isaiah Washington's verbal diarrhea of the day: He now says Patrick Dempsey is to blame for his spewing of hate speech. [ABC News]
  • R.I.P Beverly Sills. And big thanks to our Intro…
  • »7/03/07 7:15pm7/03/07 7:15pm

No Jail For Libby, No Hot Wife For Salman, and Pam Anderson Lived To See 40: What Kind Of A World Do We Live In?

  • There is no justice in the world: President Bush has commuted Scooter Libby's jail sentence. [MSNBC]
  • Pam Anderson is 40. And we are speechless. [People]
  • Looking for a little real estate to invest in? How about Dracula's castle in Transylvania? It's the summer home that comes with vampires! (Garlic bulbs not included). [
  • »7/02/07 6:59pm7/02/07 6:59pm