Researchers Suggest Smoking Pot Maybe Increases the Risk of Preterm Births

In a study that might prove helpful eventually, researchers hoping to figure out some of the underlying risk factors among mothers who deliver early studied 3,000 first-time moms in New Zealand and Australia. About five percent of these women gave birth before the 37-week mark or at least three weeks early (most… »7/22/12 9:30pm7/22/12 9:30pm


Female Preemies More Likely To Suffer Maternity Woes, Less Likely To Marry

Despite what the Cabbage Patch Kids would like you to believe about the cuteness of preemies, with their little incubators built out of lettuce, real babies born prematurely babies can suffer lifelong consequences after coming out of the womb early. According to a study published in the new edition of the Journal of… »3/26/08 9:30am3/26/08 9:30am