Mom Of Missing, Pregnant Marine Says She Was Victim Of Sexual Assault By A Superior

Remember yesterday evening's speculation that missing pregnant 20-year-old Marine Maria Lauterbach's disappearance might have something to do with a sexual assault? Well documents have surfaced today quoting Maria's mother alleging that her daughter was the victim of sexual assault at the hands of a superior officer.… »1/10/08 5:00pm1/10/08 5:00pm


What Did Missing Marine Maria Lauterbach Witness Before She Mysteriously Vanished?

Missing white girl! The name is Maria Lauterbach and she's a pregnant marine, age 20. She's been missing since December 14. Her cell phone was found at the front gate of her base, Camp Lejeune, on December 20. On Christmas Eve, her bank account showed "suspicious activity." Her blue Hyundai just turned up abandoned at… »1/09/08 6:30pm1/09/08 6:30pm