"Pregnancy Pact" Teen Just Wanted To Have A Family Of Her Own

For a few feverish days in the middle of the summer, the media descended »10/28/08 12:00pm10/28/08 12:00pm on Gloucester, Massachusetts, to gawk at a mess of pregnant teenagers who had allegedly formed some sort of fertile coven. The teens of the "pregnancy pact" on national TV, which gave the story legs for another week or so, but certainly before…

Time's Nancy Gibbs Thinks "Pregnancy Pact" Teens Are Responsible

Everyone's got an opinion about the "pregnancy pact" teens from Gloucester, Massachusetts. Time, which originally publicized the teens alleged agreement to get knocked up together, has an opinion piece from Editor-at-Large Nancy Gibbs about how she thinks everyone is being too judgmental about these beleaguered teens.… »6/25/08 2:00pm6/25/08 2:00pm