Teenage Girls Aren't As Stupid As Some People Think

Another day, another dollar, another article bemoaning »7/29/08 5:00pm7/29/08 5:00pm the fact that Hollywood doesn't feel the need to stigmatize and slut-shame teenagers who get pregnant. This time, writer Sarah Kliff says that young Hollywood mothers and movies/TV shows like and supposedly glamorize teen pregnancy and will make young women go,…

Writer Blames Second Wave Feminists For Failing To Prevent Teen Pregnancy

ABC Family's much-hyped teen pregnancy drama The Secret Life of an American Teenager debuts tonight and that, coupled with the Gloucester High baby explosion, has inspired a slew of articles discussing the state of barely-legal uteri. Christopher Caldwell of the Financial Times claims that the current "ideology" of… »7/01/08 9:30am7/01/08 9:30am

Teen Mom Denies Pregnancy Pact; Principal Stands By His Story

The Gloucester "pregnancy pact" continues to make news, both in the United States and abroad. Though almost all of the knocked up kids have refused to speak to the press about the alleged "blood oath" for which they all agreed to get pregnant together by any means necessary (rumor is that one of the fathers is a local »6/27/08 9:30am6/27/08 9:30am

Time Writer Goes On Today To Discuss Gloucester "Pregnancy Pact"

Kathleen Kingsbury, the Time scribe behind the now-infamous Gloucester "pregnancy pact" article went on Today to discuss the controversy brewing behind the piece. As previously reported, the Mayor of Gloucester, Carolyn Kirk, has said that the notion that the 17 pregnant Gloucester High students had made a pact to get… »6/24/08 1:00pm6/24/08 1:00pm