The Government Shutdown Is Keeping Kids Out of Preschool

We've seen the damage the government shutdown is doing to the lives of many Americans this week, whether you're a woman or a worker (or both!). Now the Wall Street Journal confirms that the shutdown has resulted in thousands of low-income kids being prevented from going to preschool because of closed Head Start… » 10/03/13 11:50am 10/03/13 11:50am

Parents Now Expected to Need Loans For Kids' Preschool

Great idea alert! New York City mayoral candidate Christine Quinn would like to make education affordable to all, and thus wants to give upper middle class Manhattan parents the right to take out subsidized loans in order to pay for their children's pre-kindergarten & oh my god what even is this dumb country we live… » 8/05/13 8:30pm 8/05/13 8:30pm

America's Elite Toddlers Face New Obstacles to Preschool Admission

The suspension of perspective and sanity wealthy, fretting parents (or even expecting parents) exhibit when they’re trying to wedge their children into exclusive preschools is a well-documented and risible phenomenon. Don’t parents politicking for coveted preschool spots for their barely-cognizant offspring realize… » 6/23/13 1:30pm 6/23/13 1:30pm

It's Not Just Children Who Need Universal Preschool

Everyone's talking about the most surprising and potentially groundbreaking proposal Obama made during last night's State of the Union: universal access to preschool. Obama said he planned to work with states to make "high-quality preschool available to every child in America" because "the sooner a child begins… » 2/13/13 1:40pm 2/13/13 1:40pm