Pointless Press Release Of The Day

From: probablyveryniceprlady@namelessprcompany
To: dodai@jezebel.com
Date: Fri, Feb 11, 2011 at 1:33 PM
Subject: MEDIA ALERT: Nicky Hilton Wears Nicky Hilton » 2/11/11 7:18pm 2/11/11 7:18pm

Sex Toys, Skinny Jeans & Fad Diets: The Worst PR Pitches Of The Year…

PR companies trying to shill shit for women email us with their announcements, hard sells and hoopla. The result? A smattering of what people think women (or we) want. Crap emails from publicists, after the jump. » 7/07/09 3:00pm 7/07/09 3:00pm

Mandie "Cunt Face" Erickson: To Know Her Is To Loathe Her

Ever since we began our coverage of The Fashionista Diaries and our obsession with Seventh House's Mandie "Cunt Face" Erickson, we've gotten quite a few emails and tips from readers who know her personally and really fucking hate her guts. Like a lot. One reader, who referred to CF as "evil and disgusting," told us… » 9/06/07 4:00pm 9/06/07 4:00pm

The Fashionista Diaries' Mandie 'Cunt Face' Erickson: Before She Was…

A very awesome reader pointed us in the direction of this photo of The Fashionista Diaries' Mandie "Cunt Face" Erickson from back in the day (way back—before Natasha's junkie, scabby face looked like a connect-the-dots puzzle), and suggests that perhaps CF's raspy voice was brought on by smoking crack with Natasha… » 8/31/07 11:00am 8/31/07 11:00am