When a Woman in Your Life Is Struggling With Postpartum Depression

I knew something was wrong pretty early after giving birth to N. But instead of admitting it to myself I buried my depression under mountains of guilt, shame and embarrassment. It was a very dark time in which I blamed my inability to be the perfect mom on my shortcomings and personality flaws. I hid away in my room… »4/27/14 10:00pm4/27/14 10:00pm


Black Henna Dye Might Cause 'Oozing Lesions' on Some Gullible Tourists

What are some words you associate with the phrase "temporary tattoo?" Probably things like "boardwalk," "awesome," "vacation," "crooked," and "flaky." If you're talking about henna tattoos, however, your temporary tattoo word cloud might include things like: "hives," "boils," and "rash." That's because, according to a… »3/26/13 3:30pm3/26/13 3:30pm

Maybe No One Talks About Postpartum Depression Enough Because No One Is Actually Sure if They Have it

If you have had yourself a baby, then you've likely experienced the infamous "hormone crash" that comes with it — the out-of-this-world soar of humanity-affirming juice that makes you feel pain-free, lightweight and crazy in love with your offspring, followed by the swift, unceremonious thud of reality that hits a few… »3/20/13 12:20pm3/20/13 12:20pm