Wall Street Journal Suggests Taking Your "Business" To The Ladies Room

Oh my god, you guys. Did you know that the ladies room is the best place to gab about the office with your girlfriends!?! Well if it's printed in the Wall Street Journal it must be a legitimate business solution! In a column called "Not Just a Ladies' Room," Carol Hymowitz tells the story of a colleague who was unsure… » 7/15/08 4:30pm 7/15/08 4:30pm

Details Writer Thinks Farting Females Are Gross

"Neo-Cavewomen." "Bog Beasts." "Female Shreks." These are all terms that Details writer John Sellers uses to describe women who have the audacity to enjoy the humor in their bodily functions. He uses Cameron Diaz, Eva Mendes, and Jenny McCarthy as prime examples of these "vulgar vixens." "It would be one thing if… » 5/27/08 4:00pm 5/27/08 4:00pm

Even Oprah Employees Aren't Immune To Serial Seat-Pissers

All is not well in the land of Oprah. As O: The Oprah Magazine editor Lisa Kogan explains, female staffers at the namesake magazine of the daytime doyenne have a habit of pissing on the toilet seats, and one, in particular, is to urine-spraying what Jackson Pollock was to abstract expressionism. Nicknamed "The… » 5/12/08 1:00pm 5/12/08 1:00pm