Good Things Happens When You Pose the Men of The Avengers Like Women

It turns out the results are pretty hilarious when you take all of the characters from the The Avengers movie poster and pose them in the same way the lady Avenger was made to stand. This excellent re-imagined poster makes an air-tight case for everyone in Hollywood posing ass-first from now on, just to level the… » 5/08/12 11:15pm 5/08/12 11:15pm

ANTM: Commercial! Couture! Catalog!

On last night's episode, posing instructor Benny Ninja (why doesn't he have an official title like "Diva Runway Coach Extraordinaire" or "Noted Fashion Photographer"?) taught the girls about commercial, couture and catalog modeling. Many of them couldn't seem to tell the difference between the three, and frankly,… » 3/20/08 11:00am 3/20/08 11:00am