Once Upon A Time, When We Still Feared Global Poverty, We Learned A Very Interesting Rice Recipe

What is it about the "Global Population, Magnitude Of" thing that so vexes the world's rich people? I'm asking in light of the food crisis and the energy crisis bringing back that old " Malthusian population crisis »7/31/08 3:00pm7/31/08 3:00pm" fear. I'm also asking in light of my kinda recent discovery that the American rights to the RU-486…

Florida Outlaws Truck Nuts? • Congo Arrests Cock Snatchers

• Being a tool just got harder: Florida may fine drivers with truck nuts. • EHarmony ditches one-night stand advice after super-prudes protest. • Pervy dude peeps on roommate using teddy bear camera. • Superstitious Congolese police arrest suspected "penis snatchers"; men must find new excuse for small dicks. • Pasha… »4/23/08 5:30pm4/23/08 5:30pm

In Historic First, China Admits It Fucked Up When It Forced That Lady To Abort Her 9-Month-Old Fetus

I'm assuming you're aware the Chinese government forces women to have abortions as part of its long-standing "One Child" policy for keeping the population growth in check. But perhaps it didn't occur to you how tough it is, in a land of more than a billion people, to keep track of who's knocked up. I mean, yeah, once… »1/07/08 2:00pm1/07/08 2:00pm