'I May Reach Out' to Lindsay Lohan, Says Mel Gibson, Best Idea-Haver Ever

This can only end well. Mel Gibson says he "may reach out" to Lindsay Lohan to help her through her current, um, rough patch. As much as I want to mock and deride him for being a rageaholic anti-Semite or whatever (I can't keep track anymore), in the video Mel actually comes across as kind of humble and endearing and… »12/04/12 8:10pm12/04/12 8:10pm


A Fantastic Evisceration of the Ashton Kutcher PopChips Ad

Last week, casual racists (or Racists Lite) were forced to go on the defensive after PopChips released a series of advertisements starring America's Great Mistake Ashton Kutcher, one of which featured him in oh-so-offensive brown face as Raj, a Bollywood producer who, though horny as hell, is clueless in the ways of… »5/08/12 4:10pm5/08/12 4:10pm