Insane GQ Article Makes It Overwhelmingly Clear That Beyoncé Is a Robot

We here at Jezebel are capable of a little self reflection. We know that we can be over the top with our love of Beyoncé sometimes. How could we not be when she's the greatest fucking performer to have ever opened her mouth and made noise come out of it? Look, see? We're doing it again. Like I said, it happens and we … »1/10/13 5:55pm1/10/13 5:55pm

Woman Manages to Sing All of the Year's Biggest Pop Songs Without Being Totally Insufferable

There are so many reasons why this video of YouTube singer Tasia Ann Thomas should be annoying — she's alone in her bedroom, singing to a webcam, wearing a cropped denim vest over another crop top and she opens with a song by fun. — and yet somehow she pulls the whole thing off and makes us like her. »12/28/12 6:35pm12/28/12 6:35pm

Don't Want to Die Early? Join a Band Instead of Becoming a Solo Artist.

Despite what you may have heard from the Circle Jerks, Rick Ross and the insistent warbling of Ke$ha, not all pop stars live by the motto "die young." But a study looking at the careers of 1,400 rock and pop stars — famous between 1956 and 2006 — found that solo artists were twice as likely to die prematurely when… »12/20/12 1:40pm12/20/12 1:40pm