Did Her Dad's Ponzi Scheme Help Miss America Win?

Recently elected (appointed?) Miss America Laura Kaeppeler hasn't been shy about her dad's jail time. In fact, some now allege that her compelling personal story of a parent in prison actually helped her win. And victims of his Ponzi scheme aren't too happy. » 1/25/12 3:00pm 1/25/12 3:00pm

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Former Mistess Feels Good About Airing Winky Dink Madoff Dirty Laundry

One question for Sheryl Weinstein: If you're "trying to put this behind" you, why write a book titled Madoff's Other Secret: Love, Money, Bernie, and Me 15 years after the affair? Oh, right, that. » 8/26/09 2:20pm 8/26/09 2:20pm

Ruth Madoff: International Woman Of Mystery

She is "the 100-pound blonde who had come to embody all the ills of America's latest age of greed" - so why are we so obsessed with Ruth Madoff? Well, a few reasons: » 8/04/09 5:20pm 8/04/09 5:20pm