8 Acts of Politeness That are Better than Chivalry

Chivalry seems to be making the rounds, with men explaining that women like old-fashioned men who treat women like "the weaker sex." While I do love some mansplaining that I want men to be patronizing, I honestly don't need men to run in front of me to ensure that they get to the door first, tripping me in the… »2/20/14 10:05pm2/20/14 10:05pm

Dress As Slutty As You Want This Halloween, Just Don't Act Like A Dick

Much has been made of Halloween's gradual transformation from a holiday that exists as a way to commemorate our ancient superstitions about ghosts into a holiday that exists as a way to get hepatitis from a sexy nurse costume that came in a clear plastic bag and cost $65. But quibbling over whether it's okay to go… »10/29/13 5:30pm10/29/13 5:30pm