Posh Spice Talks About Why She'll Never Shave Her Head

This morning, Victoria Beckham was on Regis and Kelly »9/26/08 3:40pm9/26/08 3:40pm — with Nick Lachey filling in for Reedge — to discuss her clothing line. (The dress she's wearing is part of her collection.) Kelly mostly talked to Posh about how hot her husband David Beckham is and how iconic Posh's hairstyles have become. Apparently (probs in…


Living Barbie Paris Hilton Premieres Line For Dollhouse

  • Paris Hilton, aka the rich man's Heidi Montag, premieres her line for Dollhouse. "Some pieces, like the tees with her face plastered on them, are quintessentially Paris, and others are a bit more rock 'n roll like her sister Nicky." Huh? [FabSugar]
  • Meanwhile, in the world of the equally inexplicable, Jessica Simpson…
  • »7/23/08 11:30am7/23/08 11:30am