How The Hell Did They Screw Up The Muppets So Badly?

Seriously, I’m asking, because I don’t know the answer. It’s not that the jokes aren’t funny—some of them were super funny, although last night’s series premiere was definitely hit and miss. It’s more that this whole concept is just wrong for the freaking Muppets. And then there’s Miss Piggy. Sigh. »9/23/15 5:58pm9/23/15 5:58pm


Does Mike Huckabee Have What It Takes To Be The Next Worst Person In The World?

While governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee took tremendous pains to get the state to release a serial rapist who, once out, raped and murdered another woman. He did it against the protestations of victims, prosecutors, other legislators, the onetime acting governor Jim Guy Tucker he tried to pin it on — and now, it… »12/06/07 12:30pm12/06/07 12:30pm