How Many Awful Euphemisms for ‘Penis’ Can One Magazine Invent?

The answer, according to former Playgirl editor Jessanne Collins in her new e-book How to Be a Playgirl, is a lot, more than there are stars in our galaxy. Basically, anything with a vaguely cylindrical shape can be repurposed as a dick euphemism, although Playgirl newbies were apparently handed a 13-page thesaurus… » 6/16/13 2:00pm 6/16/13 2:00pm

"'Musclebound With A Ridiculous Mane' Is A Comfortable Caricature Of What Women Find Sexually Attractive"

The man responsible for promoting Playgirl's Levi Johnston shoot recently said the magazine became irrelevant because "the women working on it weren't keeping up with the times" and didn't cater to its not-so-secret gay audience. One ex-staffer begs to differ. » 11/10/09 6:30pm 11/10/09 6:30pm

Former Playgirl Editor Schools Fox News On What Women Want

Last night, Nicole Caldwell, former Playgirl » 11/19/08 4:40pm 11/19/08 4:40pm editor-in-chief, was interviewed on Fox News' about the demise of her former home away from home. In between a bunch of dick jokes, Caldwell discussed the fact that — despite 's reputation of being more for gay men than women — it was part of her job to provide content…

Playgirl Showed Us All The Peen That Was Fit To Print

Former Playgirl » 8/05/08 4:00pm 8/05/08 4:00pm editor Colleen Kane's to her former editorial home does a lot more than make me want to surf the internet for pictures from the back issues (though, it does that too, as this picture shows). But once I got done making my way through my Google search results (David Duchovny! Bert Reynolds! Brad Pitt!…