Who Should Star In the Upcoming Live-Action Play-Doh Movie?

Deadline is reporting that a live-action movie based on Hasbro’s Play-Doh is in the works, somehow, and that Paul Feig (The Heat) might direct it, somehow. Every big star in Hollywood probably must want a piece of this Doh, but a specific few could probably do it better than anyone else. Picture it: your favorite… »4/03/15 1:30pm4/03/15 1:30pm


Play-Doh Ruins Childhood With Dick-Shaped 'Extruder' Toy

Parents are hopping mad about a Play-Doh accessory that sounds and kind of looks like a very uncomfortable plastic dildo. What, the parents wonder, are they supposed to tell their kids when they ask why the toy is shaped like a big hard dick with an honest-to-goodness coronal ridge? Won't somebody thing of the… »12/30/14 12:10pm12/30/14 12:10pm