Vogue Thinks Your Platform Shoes Make You Look Fat

I'm often the loudest person in the Gawker Media offices because I'm a big fan of chunky platform shoes. Clogs, boots, stacked heels, whatever: if I can clomp in them, I'm probably on board. I'm 5'2'', so I love wearing shoes that give me a bit of height, but I hate feeling like I'm tiptoeing around on stilts.… » 1/07/13 4:15pm 1/07/13 4:15pm

Rape Fatigue and You: When There's Just No Anger Left

Since around 2pm on Monday, I've felt like a contestant on a sadistic Japanese game show, donning an American flag bikini and a blindfold, covered in glue and standing in a phone booth, trying to catch dollar bills with my flailing arms as an industrial strength blower propels cash around me at high speeds. But… » 8/22/12 11:45am 8/22/12 11:45am