Judy Blume's New Book (!) Is About a Plane Crash Mystery in New Jersey

Judy Blume, tween whisperer and the only other Judy who can judge you, has a new book coming out in June 2015! People has the details: In the Unlikely Event is for Adults, not the Deenie set, and it "takes as its backdrop a series of real-life plane crashes that occurred in late 1951 and early 1952 in Elizabeth, New… »12/15/14 2:15pm12/15/14 2:15pm


No One's Talking About the Flight Attendant Heroes in the SFO Crash

Like many people, I’ve been following news about the crash landing in San Francisco. It’s a frightening reminder of the risks that come with air travel, but an uplifting one thanks to the small number of casualties. The Mayor of San Francisco was quoted saying: “We’re lucky we have this many survivors.” And the… »7/08/13 5:00pm7/08/13 5:00pm