War Over Abortion In Congress Continues Apace

NARAL Pro-Choice America wants to know why Representative Bart Stupak and Senator Ben Nelson want to place more restrictions on abortion coverage. But Senator Barbara Mikulski says it doesn't matter: "I know I'm not voting for Stupak." » 12/04/09 10:00am 12/04/09 10:00am

Writer Wonders Why Women Keep Swallowing For Democrats

Using a slightly vulgar oral sex metaphor, Linda Hirshman takes to Salon today - the National Day of Action against Stupak-Pitts - to rage against female complacency when it comes to using a pocketbook veto on the Democratic Party. » 12/02/09 1:20pm 12/02/09 1:20pm

Wimpy, Wimpy Wimpy: Democrats Are Dithering On Issue Of Abortion

All talk of death panels has petered out. Sarah Palin and her "conservative" ilk have largely remained silent. The issue concerning the Stupak-Pitts amendment has dominated the news cycle, leaving Democrats and their constituents to battle it out. » 11/12/09 10:00am 11/12/09 10:00am