This Infamous 2010 'Douche Bag' Manual Ruled a Connecticut High School

Today, somebody sent an angel to our inbox: a once-infamous pick up artistry manual that made the rounds in one very special-sounding Connecticut high school several years back. But could teens in a Connecticut high school possibly know about sex? you might be asking yourself. The answer, both now and throughout the… »5/05/15 9:10am5/05/15 9:10am


Are You A Woman? Take This Douchebag's Quiz And Find Out!

This week, the former student body President at the University of Texas named Thor published a blog post entitled "What I've Learned About Women." People mocked the shit out of it, because it reads like Bret Easton Ellis freebased Pixie Stix until he forgot how to speak English and then re-taught himself using 5… »8/16/13 1:40pm8/16/13 1:40pm

How to Look Dumb and Slutty Enough for a One Night Stand

An idiotic new study has shown that when seeking a woman for a one-time fun time, men look for certain qualities — namely, is she stupid enough to have sex with me? Because the study (and the men involved) have conveniently ignored the fact that ladies sometimes want one night stands, too (also ignored: the idea that… »5/24/12 11:30am5/24/12 11:30am

Is Chris Brown Really Picking Up Girls By Promising Not to Punch Them?

The rumor mill has furiously churned out a pretty damning story about convicted abuser and man-boy at large Chris Brown. According to sources, his new courting technique involves an introduction and the line "I promise I won't beat you." With most other celebrities, this would just be another Bill Murray Punched Me in… »2/16/12 1:00pm2/16/12 1:00pm