Elle Writer's Ex: "It's A Strange Luxury To See Someone Else's Version…

One of the most offensive things about Philip Nobel's How-I-Left-Your-Mother Elle essay, "Danger Man," is the way he writes about the two women it primarily involves: his unnamed ex-wife, and his ex-girlfriend, "Ingrid." The difficulty of accurately describing the people one is close to aside, it seems inexcusable for… » 8/13/08 11:00am 8/13/08 11:00am

Elle Writer "Didn't Plan To Be The Poster Boy For Male Recklessness"

Philip Nobel wants you to know he's "That Guy" — the one who got married, had kids, fell in love with his much younger research assistant, got divorced, and wrote about it all in Elle magazine. Despite his public airing of private pain (I'm sure his ex-wife and his ex-girlfriend both really loved reading it), Nobel's… » 8/11/08 1:00pm 8/11/08 1:00pm