Is Your OB-GYN Also an Anti-Choice Nutjob Politician?

A frightening number of conservative politicians who gleefully support anti-abortion legislation and make horrifically incorrect statements about women's bodies are also OB-GYNS. Get to know your friendly lady-hating, M.D.-holding representatives so you'll be prepared if one of them tries to get your vote or stick a… »6/24/13 12:25pm6/24/13 12:25pm


Republicans to Formally Train Themselves to Shut Up About Rape

Liberals weren't the only ones who were horrified last week when Georgia Rep. Phil Gingrey backed up Todd Akin's stance on legitimate rape; GOP strategists were, too. More astute Republicans are sick of watching their peers dig their own rapey holes by publicly expressing their misinformed and misogynistic stances on… »1/14/13 3:20pm1/14/13 3:20pm